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  1. A NEW DAWN FINALE - epic real orchestra, percussion and choir take on the world Part 1 (110 bpm) 0:52
  2. A NEW DAWN OPENING - epic real orchestra, percussion and choir take on the world Part 2 (108 bpm) 0:45
  3. APOCALYPSE BATTLE - epic real orchestra and driving percussion battle it out! (110 bpm) 1:01
  4. WOVEN WORLD - beautiful regal melody performed by real orchestra (85 bpm) 1:00
  5. TIMESCAPE - sweeping orchestral suite, weaving magical colours, telling the story of time itself (bpm various) 8:31
  6. INTANGIBLE HORIZONS - delicate shimmering piano, percussion and strings, gently breathing life into the day (140 bpm) 1:07
  7. INTO THE NEXT REALM - Aching strings and synths mourn the passing of a great warrior (100 bpm) 0:46
  8. SOUL OF THE EARTH - beautiful solo cello rises above full orchestra and piano (104 bpm) 3:21
  9. HIT IT HORNS! - big fat brass, hip hop beats and chants (95 bpm) 0:24
  10. ELECTRIC MIND - harp, strings, glockenspiel, beats and reverse loops (130 bpm) 0:41
  11. PLAYFUL STRINGS - quirky melodic piece, where orchestral strings come out to play (120-130 bpm) 0:36

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Tracks are supplied as (lower quality) mp3’s.
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Burj Khalifa New Year’s Eve 2019

Dom is delighted to have composed the music soundtrack for the world record setting Burj Khalifa New Year’s Eve 2019 celebrations in Dubai. Thanks to Con at Fgreatstudio, Nic at Littlebigfishfilms, top mixer Mike Senior, and members of the BBC Philharmonic and Halle orchestras.

And here’s the clean soundtrack!