Twisted Orkestra Collection

“To Play without Passion is Inexcusable” Ludwig Van Beethoven

Dom Jones

Record Details

  1. FEAR AND ANGST - Twisted strings and FX, beats, reverse loops, the stuff of which nightmares are made… (170 bpm) 1:42
  2. INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH - Epic Horns and Strings battle Dubstep beats and Industrial FX (130 bpm) 1:06
  3. SAND DANCE I - evocative choreographed piece with full orchestra and FX (120-136 bpm) 3:08
  4. LET’S WORK - narrative FX laden dance track with full orchestra (125 bpm) 1:05
  5. TCHAIKOVSKY’S DREAM - spiky strings meet woodwind, beats and FX (160/126 bpm) 1:06
  6. GASPING FOR AIR - stirring strings and horns, plus tribal beats and FX (160 bpm) 0:42

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