Symphonica Collection

“The sound of the orchestra is one of the most magnificent musical sounds that has ever existed” Chick Corea

Dom Jones

Record Details

  1. NASCENT BUD - exquisite solo violin and flute with ensemble orchestra combine to create sense of wonder (110 bpm) 1:47
  2. CORNELL’S MIND - angsty strings, piano and FX create a sense of mental turmoil (80 bpm) 4:31
  3. CORNELL’S OBSESSION - romantic orchestral piece with cinematic highs and lows (140 bpm) 2:56
  4. NATURE RISES - flowing string ensemble, solo violin, piano, beats and FX rise in unison (100 bpm) 2:22
  5. IDYLLIC SUMMERS - hesitant piano and strings morph into soaring wistful violin melody (125 bpm) 1:04
  6. BRUISED HEART - beautiful intimate strings blend seamlessly in emotional crescendo (90 bpm) 1:04
  7. RUNNING THROUGH FIELDS - strings, harp, piano and beats in a vibrant cyclical track (101 bpm) 1:27
  8. BUILDING A NATION - warm strings build into full orchestra with percussion for an anthem full of pride (105 bpm) 1:19
  9. DAWN SYMPHONY - the celebrated Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra plays a paean to Lawrence of Arabia (80 bpm) 0:45

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