Romeo and Juliet Collection

“Contemporary orchestral/beats infused tracks for a modern ballet production of Shakespeare’s ultimate love story”

Dom Jones

Record Details

  1. JULIET'S THEME - brooding, deep emotional string theme (87 bpm) 1:31
  2. LOVE THEME - darkly passionate theme with beautiful strings and organic synths (100 bpm) 1:22
  3. THE MOMENT IS UPON US - edgy strings and distorted synths bring an air of foreboding (100 bpm) 0:43
  4. MONTAGUES AND CAPULETS I - synths, beats and FX trade punches (140 bpm) 1:36
  5. DARKNESS INTO LIGHT - haunting felt piano, strings and organic synths tell a melancholy tale (60 bpm) 1:50

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Tracks are supplied as (lower quality) mp3’s.
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