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  1. A NEW DAWN FINALE - epic real orchestra, percussion and choir take on the world Part 1 (110 bpm) 0:52
  2. A NEW DAWN OPENING - epic real orchestra, percussion and choir take on the world Part 2 (108 bpm) 0:45
  3. APOCALYPSE BATTLE - epic real orchestra and driving percussion battle it out! (110 bpm) 1:01
  4. WOVEN WORLD - beautiful regal melody performed by real orchestra (85 bpm) 1:00
  5. TIMESCAPE - sweeping orchestral suite, weaving magical colours, telling the story of time itself (bpm various) 8:31
  6. INTANGIBLE HORIZONS - delicate shimmering piano, percussion and strings, gently breathing life into the day (140 bpm) 1:07
  7. INTO THE NEXT REALM - Aching strings and synths mourn the passing of a great warrior (100 bpm) 0:46
  8. SOUL OF THE EARTH - beautiful solo cello rises above full orchestra and piano (104 bpm) 3:21
  9. HIT IT HORNS! - big fat brass, hip hop beats and chants (95 bpm) 0:24
  10. ELECTRIC MIND - harp, strings, glockenspiel, beats and reverse loops (130 bpm) 0:41
  11. PLAYFUL STRINGS - quirky melodic piece, where orchestral strings come out to play (120-130 bpm) 0:36

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