Epic Collection

“A Collection of Powerful Cinematic tracks for that Ultimate Pay Off Moment”

Dom Jones

Record Details

  1. EPICA STRINGS - a powerful mix of driving strings and percussion, the ultimate Call to Arms 1:09
  2. VICTOR LUDORUM - pulsating strings, percussion and horns. Believe! 0:39
  3. HIT IT - searing drums guitar and chants for a knock out punch 0:56
  4. KILLER FANFARE - big staccato horns combine with full orchestra for an epic climax 0:35
  5. UNIVERSAL HEROES - string ostinati (yes ostinati!) combine with huge percussion, you cannot lose... 0:30

Please listen on good speakers or headphones.
Tracks are supplied as (lower quality) mp3’s.
Get in touch for pristine 24 Bit tracks, 30s/60s/Sting versions and re-mixes.

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