EDMania Collection

“Music is Life. That’s Why Our Hearts Have Beats” Anon

Dom Jones

Record Details

  1. CLOCK WATCHER - Dubstep beats, FX and guitar make compelling listening (140 bpm) 1:29
  2. B-B-BASS STUTTER - killer bassline, beats and FX (124 bpm) 0:17
  3. GLITCH WARS - electronica, glitches and kicks form a hypnotic dystopian mantra (130 bpm) 0:46
  4. VIVICODER - string ensemble, beats, FX, Giorgio Moroder meets Vivaldi... (115 bpm) 2:43
  5. A BEAUTIFUL FUTURE - warm synths and glitches convey a sense of enlightening karma (130 bpm) 3:09

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