Commercials Collection

“A Collection of tracks from Commercials that won’t be pigeon-holed”

Dom Jones

Record Details

  1. BACK THE FUTURE - a sunny vocal, guitar, drum and strings piece that will bring a smile! (121 bpm) 1:04
  2. 77 GLOBAL - piano and reverse loops, plus shimmering strings, guitar and percussion (86 bpm) 0:52
  3. MY MEMORY - ethereal vocal harmonies, strings and piano, fly away... (101 bpm) 1:30
  4. LATIN GLITZ - Latin rhythms spiced with luxurious strings, guitar and sultry trumpet (110 bpm) 0:24
  5. QUIRKY BEAUTY - harp, glock, strings, clock percussion and reverse loops create a dreamworld (120 bpm) 0:33
  6. SHUFFLE UP! - jazz beats peppered with glock, horns, piano and plucked strings (210 bpm) 0:28

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