Big Guitar Collection

“I've always wanted to smash a guitar over someone's head. You just can't do that with a piano.” Elton John

Dom Jones

Record Details

  1. HIT IT! - in your face guitar, chants and drums for a knock out punch (80 bpm) 0:56
  2. RHYTHM REVOLUTION - rootsy guitar, chants, drums and percussion form an irresistible mantra, the Revolution is here… (90 bpm) 1:17
  3. NO WORRIES - guitar strums, drums, and whistling melody create driving feelgood vibe (110 bpm) 0:26
  4. A NEW LIFE - driving acoustic guitar meets beats and strings for a contemporary folk feel (130 bpm) 1:18
  5. GOOD BUDDY - shuffle guitar, drums and piano form a cool 50’s groove (125 bpm) 0:40
  6. SPACE SISTER - trippy guitars and organ vs harmonica and drums, peace and love 60’s style (85 bpm) 0:38

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